Trauma occurs when we experience something so deeply distressing, disturbing or painful that we are overwhelmed, rendered helpless or unable to cope. I maintain a safe space where clients can work through their experiences in order to develop a sense of empowerment, increase resilience and heal from past traumas. 


Betrayal trauma happens any time we believe a relationship is safe and then we find out that it is not. This can occur between lovers, parent to child, among friends or even perpetrated by institutions. The ability to trust others is one of the most primal lessons we learn in infancy, so betrayal leaves us feeling helpless and consumed. I blend grief work, trauma processing and personal empowerment to address the complexities of this challenging issue.  Together we will create a path forward to ensure safety, implement boundaries and invest in a new you. 


Do you ever feel your heart racing? Do you breathe shallow, experience headaches, racing thoughts, excessive worry? I use a combination of inside-out and top-down approaches, meaning we will work on your thought loops and your physical reactions to anxiety. Using these tandem techniques, we will help you down-regulate and feel more grounded when facing daily challenges. 




It is the question: to stay or go? Will our relationship work? This emotional crossroads can be overwhelming and make us feel completely stuck. When “Making The Decision” is the goal, I use a structured approach to assist both members of the couple to feel grounded and clear. Only then can we feel we are making the best choice for our future.